Farewell to the Republican Party

Let’s face it, the Republican Party, the “Grand Old Party,” the “Party of Lincoln” has been destroyed from within by its cowardly acquiescence to Donald Trump and his “base,”, and it can never return to the form it once had. Every principle the Party held dearly (believe it or not, Republicans did have them at one point) is gone.

• “Family Values” – Gone with Kids in Cages.

● “Deficit Hawks” – Gone with a deficit that ballooned to an extreme degree under Republicans the past 4 years.  Of course, this “principle” may suddenly come back to Republicans when working with a Democratic Majority and President Biden.

● Free Trade – Gone with the China trade debacle that required tens of billions of dollars in bailouts to U.S. farmers, while Republicans railed against supposed “socialism” by Democrats.

● Limited Federal Government – Gone with Republican seditionists like Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Jim Jordan, and Matt Gaetz, who wanted Congress to bigfoot other states’ certified election results.

● Limiting the Imperial Presidency – Gone with the past 4 years of supine, supercilious supplicancy of Republican legislators as the President trampled on Congressional prerogatives. Even Senate advice and consent on Cabinet Secretaries was honored in the breach, through excessive use of “Acting” puppets. Now, of course, under President Biden, Republican Senators want to become reacquainted with this process.


The irony is that trumpster politicians throw around the epithet RINO (Republican in Name Only) to describe any Republican who has the temerity to disagree with the new orthodoxy of the Party. But, based on historical principles, it is the radical “Republicans” now in charge of the Party who are actually the RINOs. To paraphrase Bruce Springsteen, the Republican Party is “unrecognizable to itself.”

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