Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife Ginni Thomas have a huge Capitol insurrection problem

In the days surrounding the January 6th domestic terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol, there was scattered buzz that Ginni Thomas – wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas – had made social media posts inciting the attack. Those posts then disappeared, and we’ve been waiting for confirmation of whether they really came from her.

It turns out they did. Now Ginni Thomas is apologizing to Clarence Thomas’ staffers for the position she put them in, according to the Washington Post. Let’s be clear here. The Thomases are inherently bad people. They don’t apologize for something because they suddenly found a conscience. They’re the type to only apologize if they conclude that they’re in trouble, and that they need to strategically “apologize” in the hope of mitigating the scandal they’re facing.

So this disingenuous apology can be taken as a sign that Ginni Thomas is worried about the mess she’s made for herself and her husband. This means that if we keep up the pressure on the Thomases over this ugly scandal, and we push for a criminal probe into Ginni’s insurrectionist antics, we just might be able to force a situati son where Clarence Thomas feels compelled to “retire” in the hope of taking the heat off his wife.


It’s not clear what the odds are of being able to pull this off, but it’s certainly worth pursuing. Clarence Thomas would surely prefer not to let his successor be chosen by a Democratic President. But if Ginni Thomas ends up in real trouble for her role in inciting this terrorist attack, all bets could be off.

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