Donald Trump’s new impeachment lawyers screw up immediately

Maybe it’s because they’ve only been on the job for not much more than five minutes. Or maybe it’s because when no one remotely respectable is willing to take the job, you end up with people who are just this massively incompetent. Either way, Donald Trump’s new impeachment lawyers are already screwing up.

Trump’s new impeachment lawyers filed a document with the United States Senate today, and in the very first line, they mistakenly referred to it as the “Unites States Senate.” No really, this happened:


Typos happen. We know all about that. But when you’re attorneys representing the former President of the United States in an impeachment trial, maybe you want to keep an extra paralegal around just to guard against this kind of thing. And while misspelling “United States” is a superficial flub, what more substantial things are they negligently screwing up as well?

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