Looks like Kellyanne Conway is about to become a huge problem for Donald Trump

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By the time Kellyanne Conway finished spending four years prominently telling lies in order to give cover to Donald Trump’s deranged and criminal administration, she was unemployable in the public arena. There’s only one thing left for political figures to do when they’re too discredited to continue working in politics: try to come up with the kind of book that becomes a bestseller and sets you up financially so you never have to work again.

There are two routes for discredited Trump underlings to take. The first is to write a pro-Trump cheerleading book and try to sell it to Trump fans. The second is to write an insider’s tell-all account and blow the lid off everything, so you can sell the book to everyone who wants to know the Trump regime’s embarrassing secrets.

According to Politico, Kellyanne Conway appears to have chosen the second option. They’re reporting that Kellyanne is planning to publish a “hold-no-punches account” of the Trump regime. Notably, Donald Trump recently sat down with Kellyanne and gave her quotes and stories for the book, a move which Trump’s handlers now view as a mistake, because they fear that she’s planning to make Trump look bad.

Of course Kellyanne Conway has little credibility with anyone. But since her tell-all book about Trump will apparently include interviews with Trump, his handlers are correct in that it’ll give credibility to her claims about Trump that she wouldn’t otherwise have.

Donald Trump’s world is falling apart at this point, given his lack of an online voice, inability to even occasionally appear in public these days without making a complete fool of himself, and criminal indictments flying. The last thing he needs is Kellyanne Conway cashing out with a book that exposes more of his embarrassing, and potentially criminal, secrets. Yet here we go.

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