Eric Swalwell reveals Ted Cruz is faking it

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Have you ever acted? Acting involves telling a story—one steps into the mind of another person. The actor’s job is to make this character come alive.

I was in a few plays in my younger days. It was fascinating. Perhaps you were as well. Maybe you participated in local plays or were in your school’s drama club. Perhaps you even acted professionally.

But acting doesn’t involve only things like movies, plays, etc. Sometimes one plays a role every day. Such is the world of politics.

Many politicians play a role. They play a character. But it isn’t who they are when they leave their offices in the twilight, returning home to their families. And according to Rep. Eric Swalwell, he knows all about this acting first hand.

Swalwell (Democrat, California) has recently made some interesting comments regarding certain GOP members like Ted Cruz and high-haired Matt Gaetz.

What he has said is their schticks are not real.

According to Eric, Senator Ted Cruz (vote him out, insurrection party, Texas) approached Eric during the former guy’s impeachment hearing to tell him he was doing a “great job.”

Swalwell said the comments left him in shock. “And I’m like, what the f…is this guy talking about? He just scorched me on Fox News, like, the night before,” Swalwell said.

He also compared Cruz and Gaetz to WWE wrestlers and said if one met these people anywhere else, one might think of them as “nice guys.”

As for Gaetz, Eric said Gaetz would openly mock himself about how “stupid” he had to pretend to be.

So what are we to make of all this? In my humble opinion, it means these guys are even worse than if they believed one iota of what they say. If they are merely actors playing well-scripted roles and know that everything they say is false, they are co-conspirators of the former guy. They should be looked at as aiding and abetting for the sole purpose of deceiving their voters and trying to remain in power.

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