“It was Ivanka Trump who introduced me to Tom Barrack”

When Tom Barrack was indicted and arrested yesterday, it sent shockwaves across the landscape. After all, Barrack seemed to be the Middle East money man for the Trump family back in 2017, and sure enough, he’s now been charged with being an operative for United Arab Emirates among other things. But where is this really headed?

The obvious underlying reason the Feds criminally indicted Tom Barrack is that they think he committed seven felonies, and they think they can prove it to a jury. But given Barrack’s extensive ties to the Trump administration and Trump family, and the fact that Barrack has been charged with Trump-related or at least Trump-adjacent crimes, you have to figure the Feds are hoping to flip him and find out more of the story.

Melania Trump’s former friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who was set up to take the fall for the Trump inaugural fund scam before being vindicated and going on to work with prosecutors, tweeted this after Barrack’s arrest: “It was Ivanka Trump who introduced me to Tom Barrack.” She included an email proving as much.

Of course this on its own doesn’t mean that Ivanka Trump was involved in Tom Barrack’s alleged crimes. But it does give prosecutors a reason to examine Ivanka’s ties to Barrack. When you consider that Stephanie Winston Wolkoff has already given everything she knows to prosecutors, let’s just say that people like Ivanka had better hope they weren’t involved in Barrack’s crimes.

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