Thank you Nancy Pelosi!

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Thank you, Nancy Pelosi. Republicans have gone too far. They just could not stand the fact that the country was recovering and President Biden was getting credit for it. Due to their vicious lies and propaganda slandering vaccination, the pandemic is surging again and people are dying. Four hundred children have died and millions are at high risk. The economy already has an inflationary problems due to supply and demand issues caused by a mad man’s selfish bungling of the pandemic. What now? Democracy is still under Republican assault. The country is on edge. We desperately want and need the truth and accountability.

It was bad enough that McCarthy chose Jim Jordan for the committee to investigate the evil tyrant’s attempted coup. But when his other rejected pick, Jim Banks, said Pelosi created the committee “solely to malign conservatives and to justify the Left’s authoritarian agenda,” I just snapped. Not only are Republicans enabling Trump to pretend he is still the president, they are mimicking his infuriating and ludicrous projections. We already suffered years of psychological torture spewed by the tyrannical bully — enough is enough. Pelosi had no choice but to reject these two, who would turn the investigation into an excruciating circus.

McCarthy is throwing a fit and spewing lies as I write this, claiming Pelosi is playing politics and ludicrously blaming her for the Capitol attack, calling her a “lame duck speaker” — what a smug and idiotic buffoon. The fact that the wannabe dictator can so easily summons McCarthy to his Bedminster Golf Course — owned and operated by his recently-indicted Trump Organization, yet set up for the press to look like the White House — proves McCarthy is enabling him to continue with his anti-democratic propaganda that the election was stolen and fantasize he is still president. This is disturbing on so many levels, McCarthy has no business picking committee members to investigate the traitor’s attempted coup. You know they have discussed committee picks. They admittedly discussed lawmakers the oppressive fuhrer wants voted out and installed — all required to be willing to overthrow an election and turn democracy on its head. Trump told us his next coup will be an election, and Republicans are attempting to make that happen. They’ll end up installing some other anti-democratic nightmare. We must pass legislation protecting our democracy.

And there is already little doubt that the Capitol attack was indeed an attempted coups and authoritarian assault on democracy instigated by Donald J. Trump — sore loser extraordinaire — desperate and terrified that without the continued power and protection of the presidency he had so historically corrupted and abused, he would be doomed.

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