Donald Trump’s Iowa rally lands with a thud

This weekend the former guy had a bund meeting (aka rally) in Des Moines. While the Des Moines area media is covering it since it’s a local event, from what I can see outside the metro the response to the former guy’s event was muted. There didn’t seem as much interest in covering him or his Branch Trumpvidian groupies in places like Omaha, Sioux City, Iowa City, Ottumwa, Dubuque, or the Quad Cities.

Some of them ran stories on the main web page but it wasn’t the top news by any means. If anything, the dismantling of Penn State by Iowa (Go Hawkeyes!) was the top story for several Iowa media outlets. Or how the GQP ending pandemic unemployment assistance early didn’t bring about the improvement in job rates that Kim “CovidKim” Reynolds and the rest of the GQP were going on about. Or how vital railroads were to the Allies in World War I.

Before former guy sulked out of Washington like an elderly toddler, his visits would often be the top news for most media outlets here in Iowa. Even those clear across the state would attach great importance to his bund meetings. But it doesn’t seem the media sees them as important to cover now.


I may be reading too much into it, but it seems more and more media outlets are starting to lose interest in the former guy and his Branch Trumpvidian base. Former guy no longer is the top news story of the day for many outlets, despite the attempts of the GQP and their media supporters to keep that prison bound SOB in the news.

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