Donald Trump’s big January 6th plan

Think of it this way – Trump’s plans were too abysmally low for even the low-lifes that infested the Oval Office during the Trump era. A coup d’etat was, apparently, a bit beyond the pale even for these horrific wastes of protoplasm.

Think of it this way – Meadows, Patel, Bannon and Scavino were all gung-ho for the other malodorous machinations that Trump’s crippled, ignorant mind might belch forth:

Blackmail Ukraine?
Sure, why not? “A perfect call…”

Blowing the pandemic response?
Hey, it is what it is.

Padding the pockets of the uber-rich at the expense of social programs?
You gotta do what you gotta do…

Gutting the administrative structure of the federal government by refusing to fill even key spots in important departments?
It was Bannon’s idea.

Thumbing an orange adolescent nose, snottily at allies?
America First! MAGA!

All that was just hunky-dory with the aforementioned four but raising a MAGA army and attacking the Capitol Building, assassinating its leadership and over-turning a free and fair election which Biden won by the largest victory total in American history?
That, apparently was a coup too far.

(Cue the group pearl-clutching)

However, the seditious bunch actually sat through meetings with pond-scum-in-a suit lawyer, John Eastman, to spit-ball ways to thwart or circumvent the Constitution in service to Trump’s Big Lie. And if that’s not enough for us to scream for them to be thrown into the stocks, the Senate Judiciary Committee’s majority report details an hours-long meeting in the Oval Office on January 3, when the Orange Gargamel gathered with acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, acting Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue, Assistant Attorney General Steven Engel, White House counsel Pat Cipollone, his deputy, Patrick Philbin, and Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark, to flesh out a plot to bring the American Republic to a stark, nefarious end.


Let’s not hear any whingeing about how this odious team of sycophants showed courage by refusing to take that extra step towards establishing Donald J. Trump as dictator of the USA. They are villains to a man and should be indicted and prosecuted as traitors and co-conspirators to treason and sedition.

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