Kevin McCarthy just unwittingly did us a favor

Kevin McCarthy went on Fox News on Sunday and whined about the January 6th committee getting his phone records, which means there must be something really bad in them. This guy has absolutely no poker face, no savvy, no concept of strategy. He keeps reminding us he’s a guy who literally only has his current job as House Minority Leader because he figured out Donald Trump’s favorite flavor of sugar candy. But McCarthy also did us a favor.

When Fox News host Maria Bartiromo baselessly suggested that the 2022 midterms will be rigged against the Republicans, Kevin McCarthy did too little in the moment to push back against that narrative.


This is a huge gift for the rest of us. If right wingers become convinced that the midterms are magically rigged against them and they can’t win anyway, they’re far less likely to put in the work required to win the midterms. This increases our odds of winning the midterms for the Democrats, if we put in the work required to win.

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