Donald Trump put out to pasture

Former Guy reduced to having his hate fests in cow pastures. The Orange Florida Retiree (OFR) has decided to have yet another one of his rallies. More desirable venues seem to be spoken for or don’t want anything to do with OFR so his upcoming bund meeting will be in a cow pasture in Alabama.

I checked and this new venue is a little over 50 miles away from of Birmingham and not too far from an interstate. Still, an empty cow pasture in the middle of an Alabama summer would not be my first choice for any sort of outdoor event. Such pastures are full enough of bovine excrement without having OFR and his Branch Trumpvidian groupies coming by to spew more of it around. Plus, I imagine if the Good Lord doesn’t literally rain on his parade there’s going to be a lot of heat related medical issues there such as heat exhaustion/stroke/etc. And of course, there is OFR’s penchant for leaving his supporters high and dry, like we saw last year when attendees had to walk some distance back to their parking spots because the buses that were supposed to take them back to their vehicles never materialized.

There used to be a time when OFR was able to con his way into all the best venues. Looks like those days are past now since venues know he’ll stiff them, and he’s stuck with cow pastures out in the middle of nowhere. I guess Four Seasons Landscaping was probably too busy and didn’t want all the headaches that come with a visit even from a former President.

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