Donald Trump just can’t help himself

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We recently learned that some documents with classified markings were found at a then Vice-President Biden think thank office that was in the process of being cleaned out. Of course, the Reich wing immediately jumped on the story. And of course, the Orange Florida Man (OFM) has weighed in on this, wondering when the FBI was going to raid the President’s homes and offices looking for classified documents? And OFM’s useless family is also spouting off about this non-scandal.

Well, to answer OFM’s question: (a) President Biden’s lawyers immediately informed the National Archives when they discovered classified documents in the office; (b) turned them over to the Archives; (c) didn’t try to hide the documents or obstruct justice; (d) didn’t try to claim that the President had magically declassified them; (e) go running to a judge the President appointed to help him obstruct justice; and (f) the White House is fully cooperating with the DOJ over this matter. Nor did the President try to sell them off to the highest bidder. Unlike a certain OFM and certain classified nuclear secrets I could mention.


As Bill Palmer has said, the Reich wing and their allies will try to make this into a scandal even though there is nothing there. Comparing what the President did and what OFM did is like comparing apples and horse shit. They’re two entirely different things. While mishandling classified documents is never a good thing, at least the President and his people came forward about it right away and are being as transparent as possible about the situation. I hope most Americans have the sense to realize that yes, President Biden and his people made a serious mistake, but compared to what OFM did it’s minor at best.

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