The winter of Donald Trump’s discontent

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It is Winter, my friends! Winter is the time of snow falling softly (and sometimes not-so-softly!) It is the time of firelight, of hot cocoa, of sometimes bitter temperatures but cozy warmth indoors.

And this Winter may mark a different sort of season. It just might be Winter’s revenge — against Donald Trump. It would be fitting were Trump to be indicted in the Winter, I think. And it is looking like it just might happen.

The Special Grand Jury in the Georgia case has concluded its investigation. The next few weeks and months will be very important. And Donald Trump knows it too, so that might be why his Truth Social tantrums are getting larger, more ominous in nature.

Contrary to what many believe this Jury that has just concluded did not have the power to indict. They could make findings, however, which is what they did. An indictment could come out of Georgia this Winter. It could also come from Jack Smith. As you have seen, Jack Smith is up-to-date on the cases and going forward on Trump’s malfeasance.

And he’s not wasting any time. Already he has subpoenaed Rudy Giuliani, the human basket case and Trump’s former lawyer. Smith has also demanded Rudy turn over records in regard to fundraising. I wouldn’t want to be Rudy right now. Smith is in DC, and he is working hard. Trump knows this as well.

And let’s not forget what’s happening to other Trump allies who have fallen. One of them is Allen Weiselberg, who was just sent to jail for five months in Trump’s tax fraud case. All of these things are coming together to form the perfect winter storm.

It is a perfect storm of shit and Trump hubris which is enveloping Trump from all sides, leaving it impossible for him to break free from the blizzard. Yes, this particular Winter — the winter of 2023 — just might be the Winter of revenge against Donald Trump — for what he’s done, for all the sins he’s committed, for all the unending hubris that infected him and dared to make him think he was invincible.

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