These poll numbers for President Biden are off the charts

It may be an off-year as far as elections are concerned, with only a handful of races for governor and a few special elections and legislative ones. These are, however, still very important when it comes to the extent of how far President Biden’s bold agenda can reach – and it’s important for Democrats to turn out wherever they are and vote to give his platform a voice, while electing Democrats to offices where reform is needed.

The good news is, momentum for the Democratic Party is clearly showing – with record fundraising numbers and high favorability marks. President Biden himself is also enjoying high approval ratings, with a roughly 60% job approval rating overall that’s only been going up – but a more surprising statistic just recently emerged. The latest Harvard Youth Poll shows the president with a 63% approval rating – just among college students who are registered voters.

That’s an important demographic of the Democratic Party that will be crucial to turn out for midterm season and could make a difference at how they swing in the next year – while also giving our candidates the precise messaging they need for midterm season, a call to renew faith in government and its ability to achieve important goals like healthcare, infrastructure and criminal reform.

Back in 2018, we were bringing people to the polls to vote against Donald Trump and his efforts to attain absolute power. In 2022, we’ve got a number of important things to bring voters to the polls to vote for – a chance to officially build back better with solid majorities in the House and Senate.

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