CNN jumps the shark

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I just saw on the Faux News wannabe network Conservative News Network (CNN) that Jake Tapper interviewed failed comedian and jerk with a heart of jerk Bill Maher on his thoughts on the 2024 Presidential election.

This is the same Jake Tapper, by the way, who insisted that Biden do some reaching across the aisle bullshit and invite the Orange Florida Douche to come with him to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral before learning the Brits took it out of his idiot hands. Or the same Jake Tapper who was a “guest artist” on the Dilbert comic strip back in 2016 when racist douche Scott Adams took an extended vacation. (Too bad it wasn’t a permanent vacation).

I remember there was a time when every liberal out there insisted that those on the Democratic side of the aisle insisted, we treat Bill Maher as the Second Coming or some other fornicating thing. As other writers have noted, Maher wore out his welcome and jumped the shark a long time ago.


So, what I would say to CNN, Tapper, and Maher is to first take the counsel they offered and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. Second, to keep any future counsel they have to themselves. We don’t need the bullshit they and their M$M enablers are spewing these days, especially since the M$M completely abrogated its responsibilities to the American people.

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