Bad news for Donald Trump, Bill Barr, and Rudy Giuliani

US Intel released a long, landmark report Tuesday confirming that Russia, and Vladimir Putin in particular, interfered with the 2020 election in attempts to ensure a Trump win through such means as creating fake news stories and social media posts to denigrate Joe Biden and support Trump, sowing doubt about the trustworthiness of our election process, and generally trying to create as much chaos in the US as possible.

The report details a massive disinformation campaign that successfully targeted, and was openly embraced by, Trump’s allies, but names no names, according to CNN. Of course, Rudy Giuliani immediately comes to mind, particularly his very fishy report about how Hunter Biden’s computer hard drive fell into his lap, supposedly revealing damning information about his family’s relationships with China, as reported in that great supermarket tabloid, the New York Post.

Due to the fact that its relationship with the US was already strained, China made a conscious decision not to attempt to interfere with the election, according to the Intel report. Trump and certainly his allies no doubt knew this, yet still kept stating otherwise, trying to push any talk of Russian interference under the rug, and putting it on China instead.


Along with Trump himself, Bill Barr in particular claimed China was the biggest threat to election interference, whether through hidden influence or otherwise. CNN reports President Biden or his administration is planning to provide a response to the report ASAP.

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