This just keeps getting uglier for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

The core agenda of the Republican platform for much of the 21st century has largely been to try and undo any progress made by the Democratic Party since the mid-20th century. There hasn’t been a clearer demonstration of this until right now – where we are seeing a flurry of Republicans try to explain why the American Rescue Plan is bad, despite the significant progress it’s already made in improving Americans’ lives. A few are even trying to claim credit for the stimulus, despite never voting for it, but there’s only so far that approach will go when election season kicks in.

It’s pretty clear that Republicans still aren’t united on their message, other than trying to scream about their opposition – a fairly popular president spearheading an even more popular agenda. This example can’t be demonstrated clearer than in the case of Florida’s Sen. Rick Scott and Governor Ron DeSantis. While Rick Scott somehow thought it’d be a good idea to encourage Floridians to refuse the stimulus money they received, DeSantis, who’s facing re-election next year and clearly eyeing the presidency, saw it for the foolish idea it is.

He didn’t mention Scott by name, of course, and while he was right to denounce the idea, saying it doesn’t make any sense, he was quick to add that the money Floridians didn’t spend and returned to the government would probably be spent on the states that don’t vote Republican – which is not only wrong but vindictive nonsense that someone with aspirations to be president should never say. If anything, it’s clearer every day that Donald Trump was no anomaly – any Republican given the same opportunity would govern in the same demented way. Let’s do all we can to remove Republicans like DeSantis from power in 2022.

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