Alan Dershowitz throws a fit as Donald Trump circles the drain

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As you may recall, once respected legal mind Alan Dershowitz hitched his star to the Orange Douche Nozzle (ODN) wagon. Now Dershowitz is telling people that lawyers are telling him they won’t represent ODN because they’re afraid of being cancelled, and they’ll get “Dershowitzed” if they represent them. Going on Newsmax he claimed that at least six lawyers won’t represent the ODN because of this even though they’d really like to.

Yeah, sure Alan. It’s more likely that a lot of lawyers don’t want to have anything to do with ODN because he is such a toxic, radioactive hot potato. Donald Trump (ODN) doesn’t listen to his lawyers and wants them to do things that if not illegal are at the very least unethical. (Such as signing official statements to the government stating that all classified information had been returned when that was not the case).

ODN also has an unfortunate habit of not paying for legal services rendered. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that sooner or later ODN is going down and going down hard. Under circumstances like that I don’t think too many lawyers would jump at the chance to represent the ODN. Most would probably not want to touch the ODN or his businesses with a ten-foot cattle prod.

Alan has pretty much hit rock bottom in the legal world and is continuing to dig. Going on Newsmax and spinning tall tales about why people don’t want to represent ODN is not a good look in any event. If Alan wanted to salvage his reputation, he’d stop spewing such bullshit and step away from the cameras. But I think he’s past the point of caring what people think of him and is more focused on worshipping his orange god at this point no matter what damage is does to him personally or professionally.

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