This is getting truly dangerous for Donald Trump

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The screaming has begun. This is the screaming of the rat — caught in the trap, painfully aware that it has been outsmarted. It is the scream of Donald John Trump.

In one of my other articles, I said the Trump tantrum would get worse — far worse. That is because, for Trump, as with other abusers, this is the most dangerous time.

The most dangerous time for malignant narcissists, abusers, and sociopaths is ALWAYS when they’re cornered and when they’ve lost the precious control they need so badly. And now Trump’s tirades have increased to where the screaming is daily — and the screams have become increasingly dark and malevolent.

It is a good thing Trump isn’t on Twitter. Can one imagine the high volume of hate tweets that would have been sent? Instead, Trump must console himself with Truth Social, not exactly in the same league as Twitter.

And on this bright and sunny day, Donald Trump, with the walls closing in, ever so much closer to facing Justice, has DEMANDED that America declares him the rightful winner of the 2020 election. I kid you not.

And if we fail to do that, Trump has DEMANDED a new election take place. People, this is the splintering we are witnessing, the ultimate scream of sociopathic anguish. It is what these types do when corned and trapped. All of the dark forces that make up this hideous man are oozing out of him. This is what’s called “hitting bottom.”

And this is why the screaming of the madman will continue. It is one long wail that seems to sparkle with evil, saying, “Look at me. Give me back my power.You NEED me.”

Only we won’t look, he has no power, and we don’t need him. It is Donald Trump who needs us. He needs the drama, the hate, the rage. It’s his only passion — mayhem. So as we continue to ignore the screams, the traitor will continue on his endless rant, blind to the forces of Justice that have started to descend on him.

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