You’re darn right Donald Trump is going to prison

Because some time has passed since Donald Trump was booted from office and he hasn’t yet been indicted or arrested, some observers have concluded that he’s “dodged indictment” and “gotten away with it all.” Of course these are merely slogans for those who have no idea or interest in how the criminal justice system actually works, and we just received a major reminder of this.

From the time the New York criminal investigation into Donald Trump’s finances became public knowledge at the end of 2019, it’s been clear that once he lost reelection, prosecutors would then begin dismantling the Trump Organization and end up indicting Trump himself. That’s why, ever since the New York probe went public, Palmer Report has predicted that Trump will indeed end up in prison.

Sure enough, things have played out like we said they would. First Trump lost reelection. Then New York prosecutors let it be known through the media that they were gunning for him. Then they criminally indicted Allen Weisselberg and the Trump Organization. And yesterday Weisselberg’s lawyers appeared in court and stated that they fully expect more people to be indicted in the New York criminal case. Hint: indictments tend to move up the hierarchy, and everyone above Weisselberg is named “Trump.”

So yeah, Donald Trump is absolutely on track to go to prison. That’s more clear than ever. The financial charges he’ll be indicted on in New York are the type that no one beats, which is why they’re going after him on financial charges. This is how it was always going to play out.


You just have to keep in mind that this isn’t a Law & Order episode. Criminals aren’t investigated, indicted, arrested, tried, and convicted in sixty minutes minus commercial breaks. In the real world, the legal process moves very, very deliberately. But Donald Trump is obviously on a track to prison. Even Weisselberg’s lawyers just basically admitted it.

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