Yet another official resigns from Donald Trump’s White House

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So many senior advisers and officials have resigned or been fired from Donald Trump’s White House, most of them amid scandal or controversy or juvenile infighting, we’ve lost count. No modern U.S. presidency has ever seen anything like this, and as Trump’s scandals close in on him, he’s rearranging more deck chairs than ever. Now yet another top official is quitting.

You may or may not have heard of Nadia Schadlow, but her position as Deputy National Security Adviser is a crucial one. Or at least it was, until she resigned yesterday. Some will argue that Schadlow’s departure shouldn’t count as a sign of further instability and chaos in Trump’s White House, because her resignation is a result of the arrival of new National Security Adviser John Bolton. It’s true that when new officials take over they often clean house when it comes to immediate underlings, but we would argue that Bolton’s hiring itself is a sign of worsening instability and chaos.

John Bolton is Donald Trump’s third National Security Adviser in less than fifteen months. Trump’s first National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, has since pleaded guilty on felony charges and agreed to testify against Trump in the Russia scandal. Trump’s second National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster, was fired in part because he dared to publicly criticize Russia. Trump has now hired Bolton at the exact same time the Trump campaign’s data firm Cambridge Analytica was exposed as having played a key role in election cheating. Bolton’s Super PAC was a major client of Cambridge Analytica, and his hiring seems to be related to the scandal.

So at this point Donald Trump’s White House National Security Counsel is once again seeing major personnel turnover as a direct result of Trump’s revolving door of National Security Advisers. Naturally, each of these moves has had something to do with Trump and Russia. Support Palmer Report.

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