Joe Biden just won AGAIN

– Pennsylvania has certified its results. Joe Biden has won Pennsylvania again. Longtime Palmer Report readers are aware that I spent the entire election cycle knowing with 100% certainty that Trump would lose. The numbers and trends just didn’t lie. But even I didn’t expect that Biden would win Georgia six times, Pennsylvania eight times, and Michigan twenty times.

– That awkward moment when Trump’s henchmen got their hopes up because they heard he was pardoning a turkey, but then he pardoned an actual turkey.

– Trump in 2024? The media is so desperate to keep that ratings driven fantasy alive. But everybody knows Trump will be in prison before then anyway.

– Some of Palmer Report’s upcoming priorities: Win the Georgia Senate runoffs. Shoot down any fake Biden scandals the republicans invent. See Trump off to prison. Destroy Marco Rubio and Ron DeSantis in Florida. Win the 2022 midterms. Who’s in?

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