Donald Trump holds bizarre, defeated press conference that lasts just 66 seconds

Now that Donald Trump has lost and given up the ghost, we look forward to not gradually transitioning toward writing about him less often. He did hold a press conference today, which is notable because he hasn’t answered questions since election night. But it ended up just being weird. Really weird.

Trump stepped to the podium, with Mike Pence beside him for some reason, and spent precisely 66 seconds stumbling through a prepared statement about how the stock market had hit a new high, with the Dow Jones crossing 30,000. Then Trump abruptly left. It’s not clear if it was supposed to last longer than that, or why he bailed so quickly, or why Pence was there. But the whole thing was just meekly weird, like everything Trump has done since losing.

Also, everyone knows that the stock market only spiked today because Trump basically conceded last night, and started the transition to President-elect Joe Biden. It was just weird for Trump to try to take credit for the stock market today, and even he seemed to understand how pointless and embarrassing the whole thing was. Whatever.

– So far today Donald Trump has retweeted Randy Quaid four times, retweeted James Woods, and tried to pick a fight with respected military General James Mattis. President-elect Joe Biden simply tweeted “America is back.” That’s because Biden understands that it’s not all about him.

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