Donald Trump’s phony “Hunter Biden laptop” scandal implodes as repairman suddenly skips town

– As soon as election day came and went, Donald Trump and his Republican allies quickly abandoned the phony Hunter Biden laptop scandal they’d invented. This wasn’t surprising, considering they didn’t need it any more. But after Trump officially gave up on a second term last night, the alleged laptop repairman in the scandal has suddenly skipped town. That’s not suprirrisng. Manufacturing a phony scandal on that level nearly always involves criminal behavior, and now the guy can see that Trump isn’t going to be around to protect him.

– Speaking of moving on, the White House just signed off on Joe Biden getting a Presidential Daily Briefing, and it’s now being scheduled. This puts Biden further in the driver’s seat, because now he can approach transition period foreign policy with awareness of what’s going on. The irony is that Trump has been getting these daily briefs for four years, but by all accounts, has never really paid attention to them.

– Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Nevada have all certified their election results today, in the latest reminder that we’re getting on with it now.

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