Now we know why Rudy Giuliani and his arrested henchmen were planning to flee to Vienna

We’ve seen a surreal series of events today that sounded like something straight out of an overwrought spy novel. Rudy Giuliani’s top two Ukraine scandal henchmen were arrested while trying to flee the country and head to Vienna. Then it turned out Rudy had been planning to travel to Vienna along with his henchmen, albeit on separate planes. This left one question: why Vienna?

We’ll admit, we couldn’t put it together as the story was unfolding. But then Rachel Maddow managed to come up with the missing piece during her MSNBC show tonight: Vienna is where wealthy Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash is currently being held under house arrest. Now it all makes perfect sense.

Rudy’s associates weren’t just trying to flee the country because they were trying to avoid arrest. Rudy and his associates were planning to go to Vienna so they could huddle with Firtash, who has long been suspected of being knee deep in the Trump-Rudy criminal conspiracy in Ukraine.


This all points to Rudy Giuliani acting in a manner that’s even more brazen, reckless, and idiotic than ever. It also leaves us to wonder how much longer before the SDNY arrests Giuliani on financial charges related to his henchmen, for fear that Rudy will end up trying to flee the country. Of course at this rate Rudy would probably get lost on the way to the airport.

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