Mike Pompeo just took a major blow

It’s been a bad day for Donald Trump and his people all around. Rudy Giuliani’s top two Ukraine scandal henchmen were arrested while trying to flee the country. House and Senate Republicans are left trying to explain why they took foreign donations from these two guys. Rudy appears headed for arrest. It’s almost been tempting to forget that Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was even in the mix.

But now Mike Pompeo is making headlines tonight for all the wrong reasons. According to the Washington Post, Pompeo’s senior adviser Michael McKinley has resigned in protest of Pompeo’s abuse of the State Department personnel who have been dragged into the Trump-Ukraine scandal. This is according to the Washington Post.

While few people outside the beltway have likely heard of Michael McKinley, his resignation is nonetheless a huge blow to Mike Pompeo. It puts him back front and center in the Ukraine scandal, at a time when people like Giuliani, Mike Pence, and Rick Perry were getting most of the negative attention.

Not only does this resignation push Mike Pompeo out front again, it also leaves him without a key advisor at a time when he’s scrambling to contain the impact of the Ukraine scandal. In addition, Donald Trump is throwing Rudy Giuliani under the bus today, in a sign that Trump is willing to scapegoat anyone necessary as things get worse. Now Pompeo has to worry that the negative headlines he’ll get from this resignation might push him back into position to be the first to get fired.

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