Turns out Gordon Sondland is testifying in the House impeachment inquiry after all

This week we saw a bizarre series of events in which Donald Trump pulled the plug on U.S. Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s testimony to the House impeachment inquiry at the last minute, leaving even his own House GOP allies dazed and confused. After all that, it turns out Sondland is going to testify after all – and it could end up being crucial.

It turns out Donald Trump’s own Republican allies have talked him into going ahead and allowing Gordon Sondland to testify, under the premise that the testimony will somehow help Trump, according to a new report from Axios. This is almost hilarious, considering that just a few days ago, Trump went to great lengths to block Sondland for fear his testimony would hurt him.

This serves to demonstrate just how pliable Donald Trump is these days, as he spends his time half-wittedly watching Fox News, and his associates just talk him into whatever they want him to do. We don’t believe for one minute that the Republicans actually believe Sondland’s testimony will help Trump. We think they just want to take some heat off themselves by getting a story out there in the media that they pushed an impeachment witness to testify.

In addition, just an hour before the news broke that Gordon Sondland is going to testify, NBC News reported that former Trump National Security Council member Fiona Hill is set to testify against Sondland next week. If Hill is going to sell out Sondland anyway, there may be nothing to be gained by continuing to block Sondland. In any case, it’s a reminder that at this point Trump is out of good options.

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