Who’s next?

In recent weeks, Donald Trump has developed a fairly consistent and highly disturbing habit of firing someone each Friday night. It’s generally someone who is doing their job properly, but is a threat to him, such as an Inspector General who is investigating one of his scandals. Well, it’s Friday night again.

So who’s getting fired tonight? No one, we hope. Trump has illegally fired a ton of Inspectors General of late. There are still some left on the job, but he only seems to be firing the ones he suspects are investigating him, and it’s not clear if there are any of those ones left.

There are also other possibilities. After Donald Trump took heat for firing the State Department Inspector General last Friday night, Trump made a point of blaming Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for it. We’ve since seen a number of ugly leaks about just how corruptly Pompeo has been behaving, and it appears some of those leaks may be coming from Trump’s own allies.

So will Donald Trump fire Mike Pompeo tonight? At this point he’s running out of people to scapegoat. Come to think of it, he’s running out of people, period. Perhaps the question isn’t so much who’s next, but rather who’s left?

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