Donald Trump suddenly has a 10th Amendment problem

Donald Trump held a press conference today and spent less than two minutes tepidly stumbling through prepared remarks before lumbering off the stage. The whole thing was a bizarre non-event, suggesting he’s barely even able to function in public anymore. But in those 120 seconds, he managed to make a huge mess.

Trump announced that churches will be reopening for service the middle of the pandemic, and if state governors try to interfere, he’ll override them. That’s cute, but he literally can’t do that. The 10th Amendment explicitly gives this kind of power to the states. So what’s really going on here?

This is a rather blatant attempt on Trump’s part at goading evangelical pastors to illegally hold church service in blue states, thus forcing the democratic governors to take appropriate action, so Trump can then paint the democrats as being anti-religion.

But what this is really doing is making Donald Trump look like an ineffectual clueless idiot who doesn’t know what the Constitution says, and isn’t able to back up his own threats. This guy is more desperate than ever – and as is increasingly the case of late, this stunt won’t get him anywhere.

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