Kayleigh McEnany just made a HUGE mistake

Right about now Donald Trump is probably starting to miss the days when his former White House press secretary didn’t hold any briefings at all. His new press secretary Kayleigh McEnany held a briefing today and made a mistake so sloppy and arrogant in nature, it could potentially have an impact on Trump’s financial life.

Donald Trump has long been running a con game where he tries to look good by donating his presidential salary back to the government, only to then turn around and run various cons to steer a far larger amount of government money into his own pocket. To that end, Kayleigh McEnany held up a check that Trump wrote to the HHS, donating his salary – but the check had Trump’s bank account and routing number on it. No, really.

That’s right, Trump’s press secretary just accidentally gave out Trump’s personal banking information on live national television. We’re guessing Trump’s financial handlers are already working to lock down or change his bank account details, but this still exposes Trump to potential hackery.

In addition, the public reveal of this kind of personal banking information could or could not end up making it easier for the House, and the New York grand jury, to get to the bottom of Trump’s financial crimes. We’ll see. But even if nothing comes of it, this was an incredibly stupid and reckless mistake on the part of Kayleigh McEnany. Her job is to be an expert at communicating – and she just did this? Sheesh.

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