Donald Trump’s White House dissolves into total chaos

During a pandemic and an economic crisis, it generally helps if the President of the United States knows who the White House Chief of Staff is. It turns out Trump has no clue. Remember weeks ago when Donald Trump announced that Mick Mulvaney had been relieved of duty, and Mark Meadows had taken over? Turns out not so much.

Last night PBS NewsHour reported that Mark Meadows still hasn’t started the Chief of Staff job, and is still a member of Congress instead. You may be thinking this might be because Meadows was recently under coronavirus quarantine. But it turns out Mick Mulvaney is still serving as Acting White House Chief of Staff, despite the fact that he was recently under quarantine as well.

So what’s going on here? We can assure you that no one in the Trump regime knows. Donald Trump has gone a year without a permanent Chief of Staff, and best we can tell, Mulvaney’s role as Acting Chief of Staff consisted solely of getting yelled at by Trump.

If and when Mark Meadows finally finds his way to the job, it’s not clear what if anything he’ll actually do. At this point the White House senior staff appears to only exist to blow smoke up Trump’s backside as he makes the worst decisions possible.

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