Get this maniac off the stage

Donald Trump’s coronavirus press conference yesterday was merely a train wreck, which was a relief, considering most of his coronavirus press conferences are more like a train crashing into a burning building full of exploding airplanes and hyenas. This could all be funny, if lives weren’t on the line. Thus far Donald Trump’s press conferences have directly resulted in:

– One man dying because he and his wife ingested a variant of the drug that Trump falsely claimed was an approved and safe treatment for the coronavirus.

– The false expectation that the nation could safely reopen for business as soon as Easter, when in reality this would result in huge numbers of deaths.

– Repeated racial slurs coming out of the mouth of the President of the United States.

– Such all around calamity that multiple major television networks felt compelled to cut away from his Monday press conference.

Yes, Donald Trump’s press conference on Tuesday was not as disastrous or dangerous as his press conference on Monday. But so what? This guy has used up all his spaces on the bingo card. The President of the United States should be held to a higher standard, not a lower one. The networks should no longer be airing these press conferences as long as Trump is still a participant in them. For the sake of all Americans, get this maniac off the stage. Then get him out of the White House.

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