Donald Trump goes completely bonkers about Mitt Romney

Republican Senator Mitt Romney has tested negative for coronavirus, after having been potentially exposed to it by Rand Paul. This is something that most of us would consider to be good news, of course. But because Romney voted to convict and remove Donald Trump, let’s just say that Trump doesn’t know what to do with the news:



This is disturbing on too many levels to count. First, Donald Trump is quoting Breitbart, a far right white supremacist propaganda site, when he could have quoted any of the numerous other sites that reported the news about Romney. Second, what kind of sicko behaves like this in response to medical news about a political rival? Third, that’s not what “RINO” even means.

“RINO” stands for “Republican In Name Only.” It’s an insult that conservatives throw at moderate Republicans. Donald Trump appears to be trying to use “RINO” as some kind of compliment toward Mitt Romney, which makes no sense. Trump really has no idea what he’s talking about, does he?

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