Marjorie Taylor Greene is having a bad day

The first day of Donald Trump’s impeachment went just great for the Democrats. They presented a thoughtful and profoundly moving case. On the other hand, the attorneys for Trump did an abysmal job for their client, putting up a defense that seemed to consist of inane ramblings and a generally weak overall case.

Almost everyone seemed to agree. Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana even changed his vote. Cassidy had planned to vote with the majority of the Republicans. Still, he was so impressed with the arguments made, he switched his vote and voted in favor of the trial being Constitutional. So, almost everyone seems to agree the Democrats did an excellent job. Tell that to Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The disgraced Greene has been tweeting up a storm all day. Her tweets have nothing in common except that they, like the Trump attorneys, seem to ramble on senselessly. In her tweets today, Greene has bashed everyone from Biden to Democrats in general. One tweet is particularly amusing.

Greene shows a video of Representative Maxine Waters, along with this one-liner: “Is this grounds for impeachment?” As many know, Waters is a popular scapegoat for the Republicans.

However, there is a problem with Greene’s question. One cannot impeach members of Congress. And as many of her followers were quick to tell her, there isn’t any way that could happen. Many of them also suggested she might want to take a Political Science class.

Greene will most likely continue to embarrass herself because she does not seem to have much else to do, and working hard for the people doesn’t seem to be on her agenda. May we suggest anger management classes?

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