We’re in it now

We’re still nowhere near being out of the COVID crisis, and now we’re being reminded that we still have a long running gun crisis. This comes even as Republican state legislatures continue to create a voting rights crisis. There are really too many American crises right now to list.

It all serves to underscore just how crucial and historical the current congressional term is. Politics continues to be an arena in which progress is delivered through procedural maneuvering and leveraged negotiations, not through magic wands. So it’s continuing to take time to deliver solutions to these crises, at a time when – thanks to four years of criminal negligence – this nation doesn’t have much time to spare.


It’s no exaggeration to say that everything is on the line. We knew all along that if we were able to oust Trump from power, we’d be tasked with the biggest cleanup operation of all time. Now it’s upon us. It’s more important than ever that we keep our heads in the game and keep fighting. Someday our descendants will ask us not just what we did to help get rid of Trump, but what we did to piece the nation back together afterward. We’ll be proud of the answers we have for them.

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