Lauren Boebert caught trying to cash in on Colorado shooting

Less than one week ago, in the wake of the Atlanta mass shootings, I wrote here that meaningful gun control actions such as mandatory waiting periods and better background checks, and increased public funding for mental health treatment services, were needed now. I also predicted that inaction would result in more tragic mass shootings by mentally disturbed people.

Unfortunately as we just saw in the Boulder, Colorado supermarket mass shooting, my prediction was correct. And of course the usual Republican suspects like Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Lauren Boebert, tweeted out their inevitable insincere proclamations of prayers for the tragic shooting victims.

As if to place an obscene “amen” after her pretence of a prayer offering, NRA lackey Boebert promptly sent out a brazen fundraising email to her supporters urging them to send in their funds to help her defeat any gun control measures in Washington DC. Fellow GOP NRA toady Sen. Ted Cruz refused to defend his sham prayer offering for the victims while calling any legislative measures to control the gun carnage “ridiculous theatre.”

One of the few sane Trump family members, Mary L. Trump, tweeted “[t]he NRA is a terrorist organization and should be treated as such.” I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I would extend the terrorist designation to Cruz, Boebert, and the other NRA puppets in Congress.

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