House Republican Mo Brooks is completely out of control

Mo Brooks, House Republican and insurrection “rabble-rouser,” announced on Monday that he will be running for Senator to replace Richard Shelby of Alabama, who is retiring. But Brooks did not let that stop him from shining light on the fact that he’s a gun-loving, right-wing extremist and more than a bit insane. (One of Brooks’ crazier admissions, and my personal favorite, is he doesn’t think ‘sick people’ morally deserve access to affordable healthcare.)

Brooks not only made his announcement at a Huntsville gun club and shooting range (where he was introduced by none other than Stephen Miller, the Trump aide who is really most responsible for any crisis at the border), making yet another of the many loony speeches he is famous for, but he also released an announcement video, featuring his seditious “kick-ass” speech at the Jan. 6th Trump/insurrection rally.

On Monday, he rallied up the gun-toting crowd through the usual fear and hate, by painting a picture of “a society besieged from nefarious sources” (i.e. liberals) right “within our country,” repeating the usual Big Lie crap about how the 2020 election was “stolen,” and warnings that “radical socialists” were taking over America.

Meanwhile, in anticipation of the racist xenophobe’s announcement, headlines were being made that Brooks had compared Biden’s election to the start of another Civil War. In a Sean Hannity podcast interview, done by none other than Rep. Louis Gohmert, guest host, Brooks claimed, “This is pretty much it for our country.” Then, referring to the election of Abraham Lincoln, he continued, “In my judgment, it rivals the election if 1860, and we saw what ensued from that” — meaning the Civil War.

Yes, indeed. That is exactly who we don’t need to be in the Senate. Still, having a bunch of crazy seditionist Republicans running in 2022 can only be good for Democrats’s chances of keeping the majority.