Stormy weather hits Donald Trump

As the East Coast gets rocked by stormy weather, David Dennison, aka Donald J.Trump, aka the President of the United States, has been rocked by a lawsuit filed by Stormy Daniels. The lawsuit shows that none of the many personas that Donald Trump likes to hide behind actually signed the confidentiality agreement acknowledging any legal standing in the matter. This opens the door for plausible deniability on Trump’s behalf and leaves Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, seeking shelter.

According to Michael Cohen, when he goes in front of the judge, he’s going to say that while most lawyers merely send out calendars to draw favor among past and potential clients, he decided all on his own during the rise of the #MeToo movement to choose one random woman and give her $130,000 of his own personal money and tell her to shut up about billionaire Donald J. Trump and his alter ego David Dennison because there’s absolutely nothing to see there and nothing anyone is allowed to talk about. If there was something to see and if Stormy Daniels does decide to shower the world with any sort of truth related to his client Donald J. Trump, then he or his client gets to cash in big.

Is that what lawyers do now? They go around buying the silence of potential witnesses against their current and potential clients, then keep that information to themselves, and suddenly turn into Oprah one day and bestow a few million dollars upon their clients when/if any of the agreements are broken?


The only other plausible explanation is that Michael Cohen served as “Pauly the Pen” for “David Dennison” aka Donald Trump and laundered money for his client to seal the unsigned deal to protect the “law and order, family values” President from the eye of the storm.

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