Turns out Donald Trump screwed up his coronavirus response way, way worse than we knew

Each day we’re all forced to watch Donald Trump find new ways to screw up his response to the coronavirus crisis. He does virtually nothing to help anyone. He spreads false information during his ludicrous press conferences. He hurls personal insults at reporters. He’s a waste of space. Now it turns out he screwed us even more than we knew.

It’s not just that Donald Trump eliminated the Obama-era White House pandemic office in 2018. A few months ago, Trump eliminated the specific U.S. government position in China whose job was to observe any disease outbreaks. This is according to a stunning new Thompson Reuters report. This is the person whose job was to be on the ground and gather early and accurate information about outbreaks, so the United States would have the best information possible.


So why did Donald Trump get rid of the position? It was part of the hijinks he carried out during his idiotic trade war with China in late 2019. That’s right, Trump’s idiocy didn’t just kill the economy. Now his trade war is killing Americans. Trump needs to resign and go away before he makes this any worse.

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