Joe Biden obliterates “failing” Donald Trump

Joe Biden is set to hold a digital press conference tomorrow morning to address the coronavirus crisis, and he’ll be holding several more such events going forward. In the meantime, Biden has published a comprehensive new takedown of Donald Trump’s disastrous handling of the crisis. Here’s the meat of it:

And now a tragic and inescapable truth is clear: even though the senior-most medical and intelligence experts in the United States government were sounding the alarm about coronavirus for months, President Trump neglected, minimized, and lied about this virus. He failed to expeditiously get us enough tests, respirators, ventilators and other vital equipment when his peers in other countries did their duty and stood up for their people. He ignored my warning not to take China’s word about their containment of the virus, too.

He is still failing, even this morning: despite telling the American people that he was using the Defense Production Act to bring the full force of our government to protect our doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals and get them the devices that they need to save Americans in hospitals who are literally struggling to breathe, his lead emergency management official says it is not true. Hospitals, mayors, and governors are forced to fend for themselves to secure the gear and equipment they need. As one governor put it, “it’s a wild west” out there.


You can read the whole thing here.

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