Donald Trump dissolves into an incoherent puddle of goo as his latest press conference goes off the rails

Donald Trump’s latest press conference this evening began in a truly awful way. He started off by using racial slurs, and only expressing concern for the two Republicans in Congress who have tested positive for coronavirus while ignoring the Democrat (Ben McAdams) who has tested positive. He appeared to gloat when he learned that his nemesis Mitt Romney was in quarantine. But as things went on, it got even worse.

Trump’s press conference just dragged on… and on… and on. He didn’t seem to know when or how to stop talking. At one point he said that he was refusing to agree not to take any of the stimulus money for his own businesses, because people were being too mean to him. He then launched into a completely incoherent never-ending story about him and Melania attending an event where he got booed.

There is clearly nothing left of Donald Trump’s brain. If you encountered someone on the sidewalk who was rambling this incoherently and derangedly, you’d in all seriousness try to get them professional help. This guy simply cannot remain in the Oval Office anymore. The time for the 25th Amendment is right now.

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