Donald Trump looks unwell in video before being taken to Walter Reed

Now that Donald Trump has been transported to Walter Reed due to his worsening coronavirus, it raises the question of just how bad his health is. We all saw Trump walk on his own to the helicopter, so we know he’s not in a coma or anything. But according to various reports today, he has a fever and a cough, and he’s been given an experimental drug.

Now Trump has tweeted a short video addressing the nation, which is clearly aimed at convincing the American public that he’s okay:

The trouble is, Trump looks unwell in this video. He’s pale, by his standards. He sounds a bit like he has marbles in his mouth. And most notably, he’s rushing through his very short speech as quickly as possible, suggesting that he didn’t want to be on camera any longer than he had to be.

In any case, because the Trump administration can’t be trusted to tell us the truth about anything, we don’t exactly know what kind of condition Donald Trump is in right now. Hopefully we’ll be able to get more transparency now that Trump is at Walter Reed, if only because it may be more difficult for Trump’s political operatives to cover up what’s going on there than it was at the White House.

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