The Trump White House has no idea what it’s doing right now

Donald Trump has been transported by helicopter to Walter Reed Medical Center because his coronavirus condition is worsening, and now includes everything from a cough and fever to experimental drug treatments. Trump was seen able to walk on his own to the helicopter, meaning he’s not currently on his death bed or anything – but his administration might be.

For instance, Geoff Bennett of NBC News is reporting that the Trump White House never bothered to notify Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that Donald Trump was being taken to the hospital, and she learned about it from the media like the rest of us. This suggests that the Trump White House has no idea what it’s doing right now.

There is also the bizarrely long amount of time that Marine One sat on the White House lawn before Donald Trump finally got on it, suggesting that there may be chaos within the White House about when or whether Trump was actually going to go to Walter Reed.

We’ve seen three different Trump underlings walk out and speak to the press so far today, all of them recently exposed to coronavirus themselves, none of them wearing masks. One of them, Larry Kudlow, put his mask on after a reporter reminded him he wasn’t wearing it.


No one in this White House knows what they’re doing. These incompetent buffoons couldn’t handle things when nothing was going wrong. They certainly haven’t been able to handle the pandemic. They’re facing an unprecedented crisis – the President of the United States being hospitalized with a deadly virus – and they’re not even close to being equipped to handle this.

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