People around Donald Trump have “serious concerns” about his declining condition tonight

Donald Trump has been hospitalized at Walter Reed after his coronavirus symptoms reportedly included a fever, a cough, and a sore throat. We’ve seen that he can stand up and walk on his own, but he looked unwell in the very brief video he tweeted just before going to the hospital. So how bad off is he?

CNN’s Jim Acosta posted this tweet a few minutes ago: “WH officials have serious concerns about Trump’s condition tonight and his symptoms are worse than those of the First Lady at this point, according to our sources.”

This is notable because, even as the official White House story has continued to be that Donald Trump merely has a “mild” case of coronavirus, people around Trump are continuing to leak more dark and pessimistic narratives about his condition tonight. This reporting also suggests that Melania Trump now has at least some symptoms, after the White House previously stated that she was asymptomatic.

Donald Trump’s age, weight, and poor underlying health put him in a very high risk coronavirus category. It’s also alarming that he was given an experimental antibody treatment while he was still at the White House, and it apparently didn’t do enough to keep him from having to go to the hospital.

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