Unraveling Donald Trump nearly tried to go to the House floor during his impeachment

Donald Trump is now being dismantled and destroyed from all sides. He’s lost his banks and his broker. He’s lost Mitch McConnell and Bill Belichick. He’s been impeached in bipartisan fashion. He’s on a more clear path to prison and bankruptcy than ever. He’s also unraveling in more pathetic fashion than ever.

MSNBC reported on air late on Wednesday night that while Trump was being impeached on Wednesday, he voiced his intention to go to the House floor and try to defend himself, only to be talked out of it by the people around him.


Try to imagine what would have happened if Donald Trump had gone over to the Capitol and tried to enter the House floor. Procedurally he’s not permitted to be there without the Speaker’s permission, so he’d likely have been turned away – particularly considering he was being impeached for inciting a domestic terrorist attack on that same building. But what an embarrassing scene it would have been. Trump is becoming more pathetic by the day.

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