Donald Trump is circling the drain as we speak

Jim Jordan has a lot of nerve. He is the last person who should have the word “unity” in his mouth. He is one of the very Republicans CNN mentioned when they discussed the Republican failure to stand up to Trump from the beginning. Had they done so, we likely would not be here. His argument against impeachment fell on deaf ears. In fact, the arguments of all Republicans against impeachment were rightfully ignored. They spent much of their time trying to deflect by bringing up violence involved in the BLM protests, violence that was not perpetrated by the protestors. Continuing to compare what happened on January 6 to anything else was an effort in futility, and it was wrong.

The talk on Twitter was that Republicans are afraid of being violently attacked by Trump’s base. That fear is no excuse for the cowardice the Republicans displayed in impeachment debates. After months of listening to Donald Trump cry “fraud” about the election—even after losing over 60 cases in court—and hearing him continue to say the same thing, those people came to the Capitol to destroy. They came armed, and they came prepared to stop anyone in their way. Trump set this up as soon as he began claiming fraud in the election. He exacerbated the problem and riled up these thugs by continuing the lie. He was joined in his lie by others whom these people saw as trustworthy when they were nothing of the sort. They refused to see wrong in Trump’s threatening call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger or in his attempts to interfere in the very signature check he requested.

Because they were now all in, the speeches given that afternoon — not only by Donald Trump but by Donald Trump Jr, Mo Brooks, and Rudy Giuliani — spurred them to action. The sad part of the entire “movement,” for lack of a better word, is that these people have been taken in by two grifter conmen: Donald Trump and Ali Alexander, who started the “stop the steal” campaign. Ali Alexander is nothing more than a convicted felon who changed his name from Ali Akbar to attempt to hide from those convictions. He is at the center of this thing, and he now claims that three congressmen helped plan the rally: Mo Brooks, Andy Biggs, and Paul Gosar. Gosar previously tagged Alexander in a post prior to the January 6 event, so one must wonder whether they were indeed in this together.

Donald Trump, in concert with others, ran the greatest con of all time on the American people, both while in office and after he was defeated. Some chose to fall for that con and now find themselves facing federal time, which, by the way, has no parole. They may well choose to see impeachment as punitive, but it was necessary. At no time in U.S. history has there been a president like Trump, and a second impeachment can ensure that he can never run for office again.

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