Speaker Nancy Pelosi is going after the paychecks of House Republicans over metal detector stunt

Last night we saw a surreal incident in which several House Republicans either threw a fit about having to go through a metal detector, or refused to let their bags be searched after setting off the metal detector, or tried sneaking around the metal detector.

Now Speaker Nancy Pelosi is cracking down. Andrew Solender of Forbes is reporting that any House member who tries to evade the metal detectors will be fined $5,000 the first time, and $10,000 each subsequent time. Our understanding is that these fines come directly out of their paychecks, meaning they won’t have the option of simply refusing to pay the fine.

This means that it would take just eighteen violations for a House member’s $174,000 annual salary to be taken away. So if any House Republicans want to keep playing these games, their entire annual salary will be gone by roughly the end of the month. We suspect this will put an end to these antics, unless a few House Republicans really are as self destructive as we suspect they might be.

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