Donald Trump has completely delusional Twitter meltdown after losing the debate to Joe Biden

Donald Trump lost the debate, and it wasn’t even close. CNN’s poll says 53% of respondents think Joe Biden won, and just 39% think Trump won. It gets even worse with CNN’s undecided voter focus group, with nine people thinking Biden won, two people thinking it was a tie, and zero people thinking Trump won. But don’t tell that to Trump, who’s firmly in la la land tonight.

Donald Trump just tweeted five Twitter polls in a row which show that he won by 90% or more of the vote. If you’re not familiar with what a Twitter poll is, literally anyone on Twitter can simply tweet a poll, and the results are likely to be a function of how that person’s followers lean.

For instance, if Palmer Report posted a Twitter poll asking who won the debate, we’d probably get results showing that 90% of respondents think Biden won. It wouldn’t make it any more legitimate than the nonsense that Trump is tweeting. This is just embarrassing for him. He’s got no response to the fact he lost.

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