Yep, Donald Trump really is going to prison

Even as we’ve worked our way through these final debates and town halls, one topic has continued to be under-covered: New York has a well-documented grand jury in the process of criminally indicting Donald Trump on state charges that he can’t pardon, and if he loses the election, he’s going to prison.

You’d think this would be treated as a bigger deal. After all, it was the grand jury that subpoenaed Trump’s tax returns, leading to the Supreme Court ruling, followed by the subsequent leak. The subject of Trump’s taxes keeps coming up in the debates, but never the reason why they’re so important: they’re evidence in an ongoing criminal case against Trump. So why isn’t anyone talking about this?

The prevailing narrative among the public, in these debates in particular and on a day to day basis in general, is controlled by the media. We’ve seen time and again how powerful the media’s selective coverage of important stories can be. If the media had admitted that Hillary’s email scandal was fake, she’d be President right now. If the media were pretending that the Hunter Biden laptop scandal were real, this might be a closer race.

The media largely has yet to touch the prospect of Donald Trump going to prison, because it’s already getting plenty of ratings out of Trump’s current antics and scandals. It’s saving the prison narrative for immediately after Trump loses, at which point the media will suddenly introduce the notion of Trump going to prison as if it’s a new revelation that came out of nowhere. The general public will be caught off guard. Palmer Report readers will wonder what took everyone else so long to get there.

That’s if Trump loses, of course. First we have to spend these next eleven days giving it everything we have in terms of voter turnout, phone banking, polling place volunteering, you name it. Let it serve as added motivation that if we defeat Donald Trump, he really is going to prison.

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