Now it begins

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In his final at-bat on the major league national stage, Donald Trump struck out. He needed to use the final presidential debate to win over additional voters, and instead his incoherent conspiracy theory-laden ranting might have actually cost him a few votes. But now it really begins.

If Trump hasn’t already figured out that the debate went poorly for him, he’ll figure it out once he hears everyone in the media (except Fox News) saying as much. That’s when he’s going to realize that he’s now basically lost the election, unless he can find a way to really shake things up.

Keep in mind that Trump’s definition of “shaking things up” consists of sending a stooge like John Ratcliffe out there to give a confusing statement that has everyone scratching their heads about what’s even going on. It’s not as if Trump has some kind of secret evil genius magic wand up his sleeve, and now he’s just going to wave it and get back into contention.

But we’re about to see the truly stupid part of the election play out. Donald Trump is eleven days away from losing an election that will result in his assets being seized, his family being torn apart, and him being locked in prison for the rest of his life – and he knows it. We’ll see even more unhinged conspiracy theories, even more half baked stunts, even more idiocy. Our job is to keep a level head and remain focused on driving voter turnout, so we can finish this guy off.

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